Performance Management Helps You!

For Funders

Using outcomes data can propel a nonprofit to dramatically improve effectiveness and mission attainment!  We invite you to learn more.  We encourage you to invest in the performance management capacity of your grantees, toward improving their participant outcomes and your return on investment. Here are a few examples of ways different funders have supported nonprofits to reliably achieve participant outcomes... Read more...

For Nonprofits

Do you want to improve participant outcomes? Participant outcomes are essential, not primarily because your funder requires them, but because your mission requires them.  We invite you to learn what you need to build and implement a comprehensive nonprofit performance management system.  Is your agency ready to change the way you do business?  You can find a consultant and a funding partner (or two) and get started! Read more...

For Consultants

Ultimately our work must benefit the people our clients engage.  How do we know if our capacity building influences lasting organizational change?  Do you want to help your clients achieve measurable, meaningful outcomes?  Are you ready for the next level of consulting?  Are you willing to be accountable for your clients' behavior?  For their impact? We invite you to share your ideas and improve your craft, as you build your performance management practice. Read more...

Definition of Nonprofit Performance Management

Nonprofit performance management is using a nonprofit's data to improve its operations, so that its participants reliably achieve meaningful, measurable, and sustainable outcomes.  Outcomes are changes in participants’ lives: new knowledge, increased skills, changed attitudes or values, leading to a change in behavior, leading to an improved condition or altered status.  Program activities intentionally influence these outcomes -- they are not accidental.  Outcomes are a nonprofit's bottom line.  Read more...

Nonprofit Performance Management Consultant Network

The mission of the Nonprofit Performance Management Consultant Network is to help committed human service organizations to reliably achieve positive participant outcomes through consultation to adopt and implement performance management practices.

Who We Are


We are consultants, nonprofits, and funders...because each of us is needed to move the field forward.  Our membership includes independent consultants, staff at intermediary organizations, human service nonprofit staff, professors, university administrators, officers at foundations, and researchers.  What we share is a commitment of time, energy, and priority, to help other nonprofits build and implement their performance management systems, leading to reliably achieving participant outcomes.  Read more...



What’s New

More to Come!

As soon as the Network is funded….Please stay tuned!

New Network Members Invited!

Membership to the Nonprofit Performance Management Consultant Network is now open to the public! The Network invites consultants, nonprofits, and funders to join us as we strengthen the human service sector’s […]

Framework Report Released

The Nonprofit Performance Management Consultant Network is pleased to release its Report to propose a shared framework for performance management consultation.  Our hope is that funders, nonprofits, and consultants will […]

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Why Does It Matter?

Why does nonprofit performance management consultation matter?

Imagine that every human service nonprofit not only measures its participant outcomes as an indicator of mission achievement, but also improves its success each year.  

Imagine a stable of consultants with a track record of equipping nonprofits to:

  • Clarify their missions and define what success is
  • Build their performance management systems, with measurable outcomes
  • Use program and outcomes data to drive outcomes improvement and mission attainment

With your help, we can make this a reality!

Our Questions to the Field

  • What is nonprofit performance management and why do we need it?
  • Why do we need performance management consultants?
  • What does performance management look like in nonprofits when done well?
  • What makes an organization ready to develop performance management practices?
  • What consultant practices are most effective to build performance management in nonprofits?


What People Are Saying…

“Performance management is a way of life. It’s a culture. We need to hold ourselves accountable and better understand where we are doing well and more importantly, not so well… because we owe it to young people. If we are asking young people to change, we too need to change. Data is not just data; they are stories that inform us of this change process.”

Molly Baldwin

Molly Baldwin

Executive Director, Roca, Inc.

“Our consultant helped us to shift the culture here, we couldn’t have done it without the process.  Because the process helped us align and build agreement among our stakeholders about the changes we needed to make, it empowered us to implement changes we … had been afraid to make.  The process … helps organizations figure out where they want to go and how to get there.  Organizations should understand that this is an organizational change process.”

Maria Dominguez Gray

Maria Dominguez Gray

Executive Director, Phillips Brooks House Association

“You are driving for the truth about organizations regarding their mission achievement. You are helping them become very clear about where they succeed and where they are failing.  This work represents a challenge to the nonprofit sector to restructure its priorities around mission achievement for the benefit of clients – rather than marching to the tune of funders with all their particular ideas, needs and requirements.”

David Hunter

David Hunter

Principal, Hunter Consulting

“At the Tauck Family Foundation, we believe that data collection is only helpful if it can be used for continuous improvement in day-to-day practice.  In other words, we support our investees to not only collect data, but also analyze and use data to improve their ability to serve their students so that they may better benefit from Social and Emotional Learning efforts.”

Mirellise Vazquez

Mirellise Vazquez

Executive Director, Tauck Family Foundation